Mario Ananda Abeysekara

Mario Ananda Abeysekara

by Acushla MirihanaMario Ananda Abeysekara, working in the musical field as a singer, composer and a music director chooses to maintain a low profile, revealed to us that he was simple human being who is always in search of inner peace.The son of late Gration Ananda – Music director and Film Playback singer, stated that he was thankful to God for the path his father had paved for him, which is kind of the reason behind the silence in the field of music. Mario attempts not to put his father’s name forward when working in the field, as he had experienced rough start in his career, he was driven by his great talent and his faith and belief in God, as he revealed. 

“I was truly inspired by my father. I have a solid stand on the Sinhala music industry due to my father’s popular film hits such as Himarenu watena, Hithumathe jeevithe , Adara seenuwa to name a couple.” 

According to Mario, his musical journey began when he was in his mother’s womb. 

“She always said that I used to dance inside, when the final mixed song is heard with loud sounds inside the studio”

Mario began writing lyrics for western songs from the age of 14 and was determined to create western originals and maintain his name in the field of music as a Singer in Sri Lanka who took the effort to make memorable western songs.

Mario shares with us, a fond memory that he had cherished.

“I hardly express my love to girls... My outlet is writing songs about my feelings towards them... I can still remember how I wrote a horrible song with horrible English when I was in Grade nine, to a beautiful curly haired girl who was studying in St. Bridget’s convent” laughed Mario as he did not give up on his passion, and continued to strive in the field on music.

“I didn’t stop there then I wrote quite a number of western originals for a couple of other girls as well” he commented.

I’m Slyding down, Seeing you Dressed in White, Rain drops, I can Make you feel ,It’s not about me, There’s a long way to Go, are couple of songs he composed, directed and sang all by himself, most of these singles can be found on YouTube with his name. 

 Out of all the songs “Explain to me “was written by a 12 year old girl called Senuri Wickramarathne from Ireland which was released very recently the visual was also done in Ireland.

Mario looks up to peoples qualities above their talents and stated that the surprising thing he found about it was that most of the talented people are the most humble ones who lives simple lives. 

“I love my father on the top which Is where I have come across the ability to be humble and the fearless straightforward attitude to speak on behalf of voiceless and stand against injustice came from my mother..” he revealed to us.

Mario chooses to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and admires the qualities and talent of Tom cruise for his stunts and personality, Amir Khan – for he’s never invited for IFFA or most of the popular award festivals in India due to the reason of speaking the truth via his Films, Keanu Reevs – because he never fear to take the subway to travel, like I never fear to take the bus to go for my musical work, and Bryan Adams for his humble yet powerful appearance on stage and Finally Leonardo Decaprio who took a long painful path as an unsung hero in Hollywood for a long time  who finally shocked the world with just one Oscar and a series of outstanding films Hollywood had ever made.

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