Kushal Abeywickrama: Did He Choose The Guitar or Did The Guitar Choose Him?

Did He Choose The Guitar or Did The Guitar Choose Him?

by Thamali Wijekoon

Kushal Abeywickrama, the dexterous lead guitarist of one of the finest local bands ‘Doctor’ spoke to us at Chokolaate about his passions, music and a few hidden interests..

Where did it all begin for you? 

“Music wasn’t something I planned on doing. My elder brother bought me a guitar when I was thirteen and we went to watch a concert of a local band ‘Stigmata’. After watching them I wanted to play the guitar and ended up in fact learning the very basics from the guy I saw playing that day for Stigmata, Andrew Obeysekara. I kept going to their shows and eventually got to know them”

Were you the only one in your family who was into music? 

“Yes! I don’t come from a family with a musical background. I come from a family of five with two brothers on either side of me. They were very supportive from the inception of music. When I started playing in other bands, they never complained when music got too loud or when I came home late. I’m very luckyto bea part of this family ”

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