Embarking On Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Raffles Colombo

Embarking On Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Raffles Colombo

By Nethmi Liyanapathirana   Photos by Kevin Michael

This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with two very esteemed individuals of Raffles Colombo to find out more about the brand new Business Management program available there. The program is catered to any and all aspiring entrepreneurs and business leads, and is a unique take on the field of business by Raffles. 

Want to find out more? Here’s what they had to say ; 

“To be an Entrepreneur, you must be creative, innovative, and risk-taking. Don’t be afraid to dream big - take the leap!” - Johannes Silaban, Assistant Vice President - Raffles Colombo.

Johannes, the assistant V.P. who oversees operations as well as academics at Raffles Colombo, took time off his very busy schedule to inform us of the newly included study course available. 

How has working for Raffles been so far? 

Not having any previous experience handling aspects of education, these two years at Raffles Colombo has indeed been quite interesting for me. I’ve really enjoyed working here! 

In your opinion, how important is Entrepreneurship?

In this day and age, with the increased need for employment and the limited availability of opportunity, entrepreneurship and skill in business are of key importance. Not only will it create more job opportunities, but will even help nurture innovation and have a positive impact on community development and the overall standard of living. So yes, entrepreneurship is of major importance in today’s economy.

What does Raffles offer in terms of Business? 

At Raffles, we offer a BBA (Hons) - Bachelor of Business Administration Honors - that focuses on management and marketing. The management aspect will focus on small business management operations as well as entrepreneurship and will train the students not only to be able to work in a company but start their own start-ups along the way. When it comes to marketing, we tend to delve deeper into the more intricate aspects of it, basing our curriculum in digital and media marketing skills. 

What are the key benefits of the Business program? 

The program is conducted in such a way so as to stimulate and develop the creative/critical thinking skills of students. Not only will it teach students how well they can use their sense of logic and reason in problem-solving, but will also provide them with a number of skills that are well-demanded in today’s society. You can join immediately after your Ordinary Level examinations, and be fully equipped with a bachelor’s in the short time span of only two and a half years.  If you ask me - that’s a pretty great deal! 

“Anyone who’s a creative individual and a professional is also a business person - you really can’t separate the two!” Dinesh Chandrasena, Academic Lead - Raffles Colombo.

Dinesh, the Academic Lead and Program Coordinator at Raffles Colombo was absolutely delighted to unveil this new course, and had much to say about the new-found program. Here are some of the highlights!  

Would you consider yourself a “Business Woman”?

I most definitely would! Besides being the academic lead at Raffles, my family has been in publishing for over 17 years. As a director of that company, I deal with the business aspect on an almost daily basis. I’m also involved in a number of external projects such as Miss Sri Lanka and re-branding projects that heavily relies on my knowledge in business.

In today’s society, how important is it to have knowledge in Business? 

Anyone in the creative field, be it a designer or a marketer, is also a business professional. They all have to make business decisions. So yes, I believe having knowledge in Business and Management does give you an extra edge, regardless of the field you pursue. Anyone who’s a creative individual and a professional is also a business person - you can’t separate one from the other! And that’s the beauty of Raffles - here, you get the best of both worlds! 

What made Raffles offer the Business program here in Sri Lanka? 

From the very start of the twenty-year run of Raffles Singapore, the business program has always been a part of Raffles. Having spent the early years of Raffles Colombo building up our design programs, we’ve now realised the requirement for a high-quality business program that lasts a fairly short time span comparatively. Raffles is not one of the many - we’re very unique

What makes the Raffles business program so unique? 

Our business program is structured in a way that you not only get theoretical education but practical knowledge as well. This practical level of education is one of the key underlining aspects here at Raffles and is offered by every type of course and degree available. Aside from the general principles and written assignments, students are exposed to industry-related events that feature front-running CEOs, CFOs, and department heads from leading companies in their industry. These real-world activities are assigned in relevance to the particular module studied under the selected curriculum, and makes this program truly distinctive. 

With Raffles Colombo, you become a part of a large family that’s connected all over the globe. The diverse reach of Raffles opens up your pathway to not just Sri Lanka, but to all corners of the planet! Raffles is a large international Family!

From the looks of it, having knowledge in Business and Management could go a very long way - and Raffles seems to be the best choice for a head start! 

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