Chokolaate Centerstage 2018 Solo Winners

Chokolaate Centerstage 2018

Solo Category Winners

By Yashodara Embogama

Photos by Praveen Mirando

Music is a universal language which has an immense potential to soothe one’s mind and bless him with a deeper level of comfort and solace. Being gifted with the ability to sing or play a musical instrument and excel in this art of unexpressed words is definitely a blessing and today we are going to have a small chat with three such individuals who are blessed beyond the ordinary-the winner, 1st runners up and 2nd runners up of Chokolaate CenterStage 2018-Solo category, which was held for the third consecutive year on 26 October at the Bishop’s College auditorium.

Solo Category Winner - Shenuka Gunathilaka

• Age-17 yearsHow do you feel about your victory?

First of all, I would like to thank all mighty God for given me a voice to praise the Lord and blessings that he showered upon me to win this victory. I felt happy and excited at the same time. I practiced to be perfect in every way. I didn’t expect to be the winner in Chokolaate Centerstage 2018 but I had a rough idea that I would be in the top 3. 

How was your experience during the competition?

From the beginning of the competition I met a lot of friends from other schools and also I got a chance to meet a couple of music personalities like Ashanthi and Shiyan.  Also the whole staff of Chokolaate magazine became a second family to me just like my school Western choir.

1st Runner’s Up - Duvini Wickramarachchi

Age: 16 yearsWhat made you apply for this contest?

I have always loved singing, but also wanted to help promote an anti-bullying campaign called ‘Together We Are’, which I'm probably planning on doing through the music video :)

Why do you love singing and do you play any musical instrument?

Singing has always been a passion, and gives me such a thrill and a way to express myself. I play the guitar and piano.

2nd Runner’s Up - Petrina Leonard 

• Age: 13 Years How was your experience during the competition?

I was not expecting it at all to get a place because all were equally good in solo singing and I am sure the judges would have had a tough time to select the best. I am thankful to “God” who made my day and of course to my siblings and my sweet Loving “Mom” and “Dad” and all my friends for the support they gave to me. It’s one of the happiest moment in my life 

If you recall the obstacles you overcame and challenges faced during the contest?

Everyone has their own unique singing problems, even professional singers and teenage beginners like me! But is that supposed to stop us from having the singing voice that we want? 

Definitely NOT! The most important reason why we need to understand our problems better is so that we learn to overcome them, and that is what will drive us to improve! Knowing more about the common problems we commit when singing will help to clear up the uncertainty of what is causing us to sing badly!

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