BEHIND THE SCENES with the SLMUN Executive Committee!

BEHIND THE SCENES with the SLMUN Executive Committee!

When you think of SLMUN, you think of girls in colorful sarees and smart looking boys in suits and bowties, reporters scurrying around BMICH trying to get as much information as they can for their articles,admins walking around selling magazines and making sure everyone is doing ok and in the middle of it all you have the Executive Committee. Yet there's very little one actually knows about the Executive Committee.The Executive Committee is usually introduced for the first time in January. It's at this meeting that first impressions are made and people get to know each other and the begins the monthly general meeting hosted by the Charge De’ Affairs and the Secretariat of SLMUN. Little does this group of people know that in mere weeks these monthly GMs turns in to a weekly meeting and eventually daily meetups and occasionally all-nighters trying to meet article deadlines to solving logistic crises and survive financial imbalances. As the weeks go by this group of people become a family of close knitted individuals and not a day passes without seeing each other.

The Executive Committee of SLMUN is the literal backbone of the Conference. Everything from Chairing committees to Logistics to News and Media is managed by members of the EXCO and once you're part of the EXCO it's like being part of a big family. Beginning with just a common goal amongst all members; to make this year’s conference the most successful and memorable, along this emotional journey these individuals learn life lessons and overcome obstacles that can never be taught in a classroom. It's challenging enough that a group of individuals aging 17-21 have to pull up a massive conference by themselves, but the emotional and commitment baggage that comes along with it is an experience only an EXCO member can relate to.Introducing the EXCO; the head of this esteemed committee is the Secretary General. This individual has full authority over his/her minions (as the rest of the EXCO are usually called) and basically has to keep checking whether everyone is doing their job and that everything is running smoothly. From figuring out Conference Protocol to making sure the EXCO turns up for Conference on time - it's all this individuals’ job. The success of the EXCO highly depends on the emotional contribution from the SG from being understandable of the clashes of SLMUN work and personal life work to even small scale considerations like- specially closer to conference,creates a great impact on the motivation of the committee members.

Then we have the Under Secretary Generals or the USGs as they're more commonly called. This set of individuals act as the support system for the SG. The USGs each have a section of the EXCO to manage. It's usually divided into Administration, Conference Protocol,Finance and News and Media. Since it's impossible for the SG to look into every tiny minor detail the USGs take on that responsibility. The SG and the USGs have a special bond as they basically ‘run’ the EXCO together as one unit.The Head and Directors of the EXCO are members who have authority over a specific part of conference. Be it being the Editor in Chief, Head of Outreach, Head of The International Press Corps or even taking care of the Administration Staff , these individuals act as support for the USGs.

The members of the EXCO that run committees are some of the most important members of the Exco. In simple terms you can't have a conference without chairs. These individuals have some of the toughest responsibly as they have to come up with topics, create study guides,mark Foreign Policy Statements and run the committee debates at Practice Debates and conference. The chairs are the ones who run the purpose of MUN – Debate, Diplomacy and Resolution.

The News and Media is the team that handles all the PR and Media for SLMUN. This team carries the massive responsibility of linking a bridge between the conference and the delegates and society; from creating proposals, writing endorsement letters to making sure no school is left behind in participating  conference. The articles you read on Facebook to the posts that come up on our Instagram page, are all done by the News and Media. The writers of the team work overtime to perfect each and every article, caption and content for the annual Magazine (The MUNer) that is published by SLMUN. The IPC Committee is also run by the Head of the IPC with the assistance of the rest of N&M. It's no easy task being part of the N&M but it's definitely one of the best teams to be part of as a member of the Executive Committee.Next up is the Logistics team. This team is made up of many talented individuals that work hard to make sure every aspect of Conference runs smoothly. What you witness at practice debate and conference is a result of the invaluable efforts this team puts in to over 8 months. From making sure delegates have food on time to orchestrating the opening and closing ceremonies they do it all! The logistics team assists in handling Outreach, Finance and administration. Logistics is an essential part of the Conference as without this team there would be no conference for you to attend to. The behind the scenes of conference – often underappreciated and mostly unknown to many delegates , is handled by this team. If asked from any EXCO member they will tell you that this is the team that made conference possible.

Being part of the Executive Committee means that you have to be ready to do anything. You might have been assigned a certain role but as Conference gets closer everyone just pitches in to help everyone else. Chairs for Logistics work, N&M starts running to Pettah and around Colombo collecting conference material and Logistics helps with marking articles and editing videos. It's a great experience but you must be ready to go through with it all, with everyone as a family. If the support between the EXCO members fall SLMUN as you know it will come to an end. Its tiring work and commitment with many sleepless night and missing meals and getting scolded by family members for the constant sudden emergency meetings and all nighters balancingfinance but you'll never want any of this  to end because by the end of these 9 months and when you return to your routinous life of school , Uni or work you’ll start to  feel a void only another EXCO member can relate to. We call it “Post conference depression” and trust me it hits you more than you think it will. But looking back at all the memories you’ve created and crisis you’ve handled , it makes you realize how much you’ve evolved in terms of maturity and independence. At the end of 9 months you’ve pulled up a successful conference but the highlight of it all is the family you created through this EXCO.

Conference will be held on the 5th and 6th of October 2019 at BMICH. Registrations will be open till the 1st of September 2019.

For more information or to register please visit our website at to apply for SLMUN 2019 or contact 0718013722 /076160325.

Also visit our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages to keep up with the dates of our workshops and events!

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