AOD Grad Ruth Weerasinghe - Living Her Dream With Fashion Marketing

AOD GRAD Ruth Weerasinghe - Living Her Dream With Fashion Marketing 

Ruth Weerasinghe, the valedictorian of the Graduating Class of 2018, is a Fashion Design and Marketing Student. Her interest in fashion began at the age of 10 when she was simply illustrating outfits without any knowledge of fashion design. After visiting the Open Day workshops at AOD, she knew this is something she wants to pursue and she became a student of the Fashion Design and Marketing Degree.  

‘Since I first joined AOD, it has been a wonderful experience. For me it was more about building a career where I am allowed to express my creativity uninhibited and that’s why I got into fashion design and marketing. Particularly with fashion marketing it provides a thorough foundation for what I want to do with design. It’s more versatile as a course.’ - Ruth

What was your experience at AOD?

Time management, team work and accountability.
I think moving forward in my career, these skills have become essential practices i have been taught to manage. There wouldn’t have been any other way I would have gained the exposure to the industry as well as knowledge I gathered during my time at AOD. Learning to be autonomous and taking responsibilities was one of the most important lessons I learnt. 

How is the support system offered by AOD?

We had very close ties with our mentors, they were able to asses our capacity not just as students but also as individuals. I was extremely fortunate to be mentored by our supportive lecturers because at every aspect I had guidance and encouragement which helped me build confidence in my work and myself. They encouraged us to make mistakes and learn by them, so it’s not an environment where I was afraid to make decisions and experiment new and creative ideas.

My parents also have been very supportive and has encouraged me to follow my dreams.

What made you want to delve into a project involving waste material, and tell us more about this project?

Designing for a purpose and solving problems by providing design solutions have been my key interest. I have experimented with many possibilities and was able to conclude a successful final major project. It was based on creating a sustainable men’s outerwear and street wear collection / brand ‘SO4’by using re-claimed non-biodegradable industrial synthetic waste materials.  

I think because I’m in a generation where we are quite aware in consumer behavior and how they affect the environment and each individual is responsible for how they consume. As a producer, it’s our responsibility to ensure there are sustainable options for consumers that are on par with the rest of the market. Being working in fashion we know how fast fashion is easy, stylish and accessible but we also know the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry and being aware it’s our obligation not to contribute to that problem by providing solutions. Using synthetic industrial waste was based on providing a solution to non-biodegradable industrial waste by adding value and giving them a second life from what they were initially produced for.

How was your experience at SDC  colour ‘s Design Competition?

The SDC color competition experience was one of the best achievements in my design career. I won the local heats and then was invited to take part in the global finale which took part in London this year.  It allowed me to look at my project in a different aspect and understand the strong link between color technology and manufacturing. 

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